Zen Kids

Zen Kids is a program that has been implemented by our counselor, Courtney Macal. The goal of the program is for students to learn how to regulate their bodies and emotional responses through the use of guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, deep breathing exercises, and yoga poses. This program was made possible thanks to the Temple Education Foundation (TEF) Innovative Teaching Grant.  


Character Traits

Each six weeks, students will explore new character traits and put them in to practice.

1st Six Weeks - Respect

2nd Six Weeks - Ambition

3rd Six Weeks - Loyalty

4th Six Weeks - Bravery

5th Six Weeks - Originality

6th Six Weeks - Perseverance

Star Students

Teachers will choose one student each six weeks that has done an outstanding job of modeling the current character trait. These “Star Students” will be rewarded with a certificate at our Rockin' Roadrunner Awards and a $20 Starbuck that can be used to purchase prizes from the Starbuck's cart.

Western Hills Outstanding Citizens

Students who have perfect attendance, passing grades, and no discipline referrals each six weeks grading period will be rewarded with a medal at our Rockin’ Roadrunner Awards. 

Students will have the opportunity to receive this award for each 6 weeks grading period.

At the end of the school year, students who have maintained perfect attendance, passing grades, and no office referrals for the entire school year will attend an exclusive event in their honor.

                                               Our focus for this school year is:                                                

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Courtney Macal
Professional School Counselor
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