Our first round of STAAR testing begins next week! We appreciate your encouragement and support, as our teachers and students have been preparing all year for these upcoming days.

4th grade students will take the STAAR writing assessment on Tuesday April 9th. 5th grade students will take the STAAR math test on Tuesday April 9th and the STAAR reading test on Wednesday April 10th. The state mandates that 5th grade students pass the reading and math test in order to progress to the 6th grade.

Please note that we will not have lunch guests or volunteers on these days, due to test security requirements.

Our goal is to do everything possible at school to prepare and motivate each student to do his/her personal best and I know we can count on your support at home as well. With that in mind, please make sure your child is well rested and on time to school on his/her testing day. If your child is testing, I also ask that you do not schedule any appointments on these two days.

We will not have ACE tutoring during the week of April 8-12 or the week of April 15-19.

Our goal is 100% student participation and 100% passing.